Kontakt: SimplytheBest Fonts
Autor: Perry Mason
Lizenz: Free.

Kontakt: GemFonts
Autor: Graham Meade
Lizenz: Freeware.

Kontakt: Butterfly
Inhaber: pdphoto.org
Lizenz: The Butterfly Pictures on this page are completely FREE. You may use them for your projects, reports, publications and even for your web-site - whether personal or commercial.

Kontakt: http://jonasraskdesign.com
Lizenz: These icons are free to use in both commercial products as well as personal use.


Titel: Regen (Pouring Rain On Cement)
Aufnahme: Mike Koenig
Lizenz: Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0


Titel: Vogelgesang (Bird Song)
Aufnahme: Jc Guan
Lizenz: Public Domain